3Chopt remains independent of business line conflicts and misaligned ownership structures. We place a rich premium on remaining focused on a defined business model.

Our services include but are not limited to: investment strategy and implementation, investment management and consulting, mission-aligned investing, comprehensive wealth planning, as well as non-profit and OCIO solutions.


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Private Investment Access

Although much of the economic growth today is taking place outside of the public markets, historically, institutional private investing has only been available to a relatively small number of investors. Individual investors and families have lacked access to sophisticated advice and the ecosystem of direct private investments.

The team at 3Chopt believes that for many, private markets exposure can provide additional diversification as well as longer-term fundamental growth. Investments in private deals can also capitalize on illiquidity premiums and private market inefficiencies that often exist. We have extensive experience in private equity, venture capital, and real estate investing and provide access to professionally diligenced funds that offer the return and diversification potential of these alternatives.