Our Experience

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in experience working across all asset classes, living through decades of market cycles, and navigating complex situations. It is centered around three core tenets: protect, endure, and adapt.



We believe risk management is critical to long-term success. The best way to compound and grow wealth is to minimize losses during down markets. We carefully design portfolios to reflect each client’s unique circumstances and objectives.


Patient investing requires partnering with managers and clients with similar investment horizons. We do this to avoid the pressures of groupthink and to ensure the alignment of interests.  


We strive to be open-minded, flexible, and opportunistic about the ever-shifting investment landscape and look for new areas of investment to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns.


3Chopt has compiled a cutting-edge technology stack that provides our firm, and its clients, access to best-in-class resources and solutions. Our technology partners were specifically chosen for agility to allow us to customize services for our unique customer base. By streamlining our technology and systems, our advisors can spend more time on high-value work including better serving our clients.