Our Mission

To serve our clients’ best interests with trust and transparency, fulfilling their dreams, goals, and legacies. With a proactive focus on clients’ needs, we simplify the ever-changing investment landscape by providing unique solutions through a hands-on approach. Our passion for excellence drives us to be the premier investment advisory firm, built on integrity.


Our team has deep experience navigating complex situations through decades of market cycles. This collective experience inspired our commitment to three core tenets: protect, endure, and adapt.


We believe risk management is critical to long-term success. The best way to compound and grow wealth is to minimize losses during down markets. We carefully design portfolios to reflect each client’s unique circumstances and objectives.


Patient investing requires partnering with managers and clients with similar investment horizons. We do this to avoid the pressures of groupthink and to ensure the alignment of interests.  


We strive to be open-minded, flexible, and opportunistic about the ever-shifting investment landscape and look for new areas of investment to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns.


3Chopt has compiled a cutting-edge technology stack that provides our firm and its clients access to best-in-class resources and solutions. Our technology partners were specifically chosen for agility to allow us to customize services for our unique customer base. By streamlining our technology and systems, our advisors can spend more time on high-value work, better serving our clients.

What is 3Chopt?

Three Chopt Road is a major thoroughfare in Virginia with a rich history that dates to America’s early colonial period. Originally a trail that connected the Coastal Plain and the Shenandoah Valley, its route was marked by a steady series of trees bearing three distinct hatchet chops. According to local lore, the trail was so well defined that travelers could follow it even in the dark.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Three Chopt Road became an important transportation route for commerce and travelers. Today, it is a bustling urban artery lined with businesses, homes, and other developments, its name instantly recognizable to those it serves. Like the historic road that inspired our name, we hope to serve as a trustworthy guide through a changing landscape, known throughout the region for our reliability.